PHANTOM 2 Prop Guard-prob guard2


In the kit

Camera mounting bracket and screws


Attachment for GoPro cameras and others.


Gimbal free camera attachment for GoPro and similar cameras.
In the kit

4 prop guards and instructions


Fitted under the rotors to prevent damage to rotors or surroundings.


Easy to attach, lightweight, safe and reliable.


Weight (Single): 21g
Angle: 150.0°
Radius: 128.25mm
Whole Size with Four Prop Guards: 613mm

Important Notes:

Make sure the PHANTOM 2 weighs no more than 1350g after mounting prop guards. Any extra weight will compromise flight capabilities causing a safety risk. The total weight of a PHANTOM 2 with H3-2D gimbal, iOSD and wireless video transmitter will be over 1300g, prop guards are not recommended for similarly equipped PHANTOM 2s.



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