Sportsline 10 BMW 320si 1/5 scale on road petrol car fg158143r


Sportsline 10 BMW 320si 1/5 scale on road petrol RC car

The FG Sportsline class with its detailed bodyshells is not only a visual highlight. These models convince through their sophisticated chassis. With a double wishbone suspension offering adjusting possibilies for toe-in, wheel camber and caster as well as a robust four-wheel drive which gives the model neutral driving characteristics. We placed special importance on durability through using solid materials and on suitability also for beginners in this hobby. The FG Sportsline class is the reasonably priced but still top-quality entry into the RC car sports sector.

Equipped with a strong 26ccm Zenoah engine, tuning pipe, tank with snap closure, 2 differential gears, front disk brake and a lot more. However, highlight remains the approved FG four-wheel drive. Maximum traction as well as easy handling, grip in the curves – these are the advantages only offered by a four-wheel drive.

We offer the 4WD Sportsline models as RTR version equipped with a 2.4 GHz radio control system, ready painted or with clear bodyshell

FG Sportsline 10 BMW 320si 1/5 to see how it handles. Very precise car to drive, very responsive, heavy (approx 25lbs) but fast. Front disc breaks were great for control. Its not really a newbie car because its 2wd an requires a little bit of suspension tunning. Those who are new to 1/5 models, they are BIG, FUN and FAST. This machine is absolute great.



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